The ‘Welcome to’ boundary sign can be used to define area boundaries, remind drivers to be careful and welcome visitors to your town or village.

All our signs are cast in aluminium with relief artwork, text and detailing being hand painted.

Signs are crafted in great detail and finished to a high specification to provide a low maintenance focal point to a town or village for many years.

There are two styles of signs that come with two plain black ‘Shear off posts”. They are finished with gold ball finials. The signs can also be mounted onto structures or hardwood posts.

The background of our signs are cream and finished with a black border. Top coat lacquer is then applied.

The central artwork possibilities are almost endless. Our artist can create a bespoke layout or can work with a design that you already have to capture the spirit of your village or town.

Step by step process –

1. Artwork – either supplied by the customer or created by our artist
2. Creation of the relief pattern
3. Casting at the foundry then cleaned and primed
4. Hand painted in the workshop
5. Delivery to site ( Installation on request only and area dependent )